Our Mission

As one of the best fisheries in North America the number of tournaments on Guntersville Lake from local trails and clubs, charity events, wildcats, and out of town clubs increase every year. Due to the large number of events ramps often become clogged with multiple tournaments resulting in confusion and chaos during blast off times and weigh ins. Local angler’s often have no way of knowing dates and locations of tournaments without being told by fellow anglers or rummaging through a stack of flyers at the local tackle store. Bassin Big G’s goal is to provide a database for tournament anglers to track available tournaments as well as for tournament directors to send tournament dates, information, and results so that angler turnout can be maximized and launch confusion can be minimized.

Our mission is to maintain a comprehensive list of all Guntersville Lake tournaments thus providing anglers a resource to review available tournaments and chose the ones that fit their schedule, preferred launch location, etc. Directors from out of town club tournaments, etc will have a resource to find contact information for other event directors and to discuss launch site and blast off options, weigh in times, etc prior to the event so that early morning confusion can be prevented. The list will also provide local tournament directors of trails, fundraiser/charity events, and wildcats a medium to help spread the word on tournaments and increase participation. Non tournament anglers can use the calendar to avoid ramps crowded by tournaments and launch elsewhere or at other times. Tournament results will be posted when directors submit the information following the tournament.

If you have an event planned that isn’t listed please submit through the Contact Us page so that it can be added to the Tournament Calendar.